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Brechan Construction’s roots go deep in Kodiak, starting when pioneers Fred & Ruth Brechan formed Brechan Enterprises in 1952.  The company’s first equipment acquisitions came from US Navy Base (present day USCG base Kodiak) surplus equipment sales.

Starting with not much more than a pick-up truck and a dozer, Fred & Ruth put their heart & soul into the company and built up a comprehensive heavy equipment fleet capable of almost any job.  Seventy years later that pioneering spirit and hard work ethic are still at the core of the construction company.  Typical of a third generation family business, Brechan successfully made the transition to a new ownership structure in 2014.  That ample fleet along with 70 years of construction management experience position the company into an exciting chapter of Brechan Construction’s future. On July 1, 2023 Seldovia Native Association. Inc. became the majority owner leaving the day to day management to the employee owners - Louis Rocheleau and Jascha Zbitnoff.

Meet the team…

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